”“We create a smoother better day for both residents and employees”

Higher-quality care on a reduced budget. That is the conclusion reached by the Municipality of Odense when Sekoia was implemented across all of its residential and LD care homes.

The Council of Odense – Denmark’s third largest city – are using digital care planning to a outsmart the fact that care staff were often overworked spending too much time on administrative tasks, leaving less time to interact with and care for residents. Given the need to reduce spending whilst improving care delivery, the Council decided to invest in going digital, choosing Sekoia as their partner.

Overview and surplus

Following the implementation of Sekoia, the care homes enjoyed immediate benefitsRehabilitation Manager Heidi Tange says Sekoia has meant carers now have a manageable workload, and spend less time completing documentation. This has led to fewer incidents, fewer medication errors, and enhanced management oversight.

“Now our care staff can easily see where they are required, and which residents require support – for example, if the medication round has been delayed, or a resident has an appointment. Carers can help in other departments, especially at handover times.”

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The pressure on the care sector will only increase in the coming years. With an aging population, more and more people will require comprehensive and personalised care. New technology is needed and care delivery has to become more efficient to cope with this rising demand, whilst remaining effective and person-centred.

“These are the challenges we are tackling in Odense. We want to see solutions that will boost quality of care, as well create financial savings under the budget constraints we are facing”, explains Councillor Brian Skov Nielsen.

“This new system creates an easier environment for our residents and our carers. The system allows us to streamline task handovers, with staff coming on shift able to easily review a resident’s record to find out what care that individual has received during the day, as well as coordinating the day’s events with each resident’s individual needs. This is not only creating obvious financial savings, with carers deployed more efficiently - it also makes for a much happier home.”

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"Sekoia helps us create a more enjoy­able day for residents and carers, im­prove care delivery, and has saved us more than £1 million a year across our 28 homes."

Councillor Brian Skov Nielsen, Odense Municipality

Key facts

  • Sekoia is now used in all 26 residential and nursing homes and 5 LD homes
  • More than 2500 care staff are using Sekoia each day
  • Odense Municipality calculates the introduction of Sekoia has led to £1,4 million of cost saving per year, whilst improving care quality
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