“Sekoia has given us a com­pletely different perspective which has led to safer, more effective care delivery every day."

In 2015, the Elmelunden Care Home said goodbye to paper long lists and shared calendars and said hello to a new technology. Using Sekoia as its digital record keeper, the care home took up the fight against errors and inaccuracies.

Welcome to the Elmelunden Care Home in the Municipality of Holbæk, Denmark. A new care home with classic challenges: 70 residents with dementia needing intensive care, five supported-living house-shares, and staff struggling to spend as much time as they wanted to with the residents.


All information in one place

Sekoia was installed in each bedroom for the 70 residents, as well as two shared screens in each of the five supported-living house-shares. The positive impact Sekoia made was significant, as carer Charlotte Jensen explained:

“Previously, each unit had its own calendar which was filled with notes, while other pieces of information were on a computer in the central office, so you had to look in several different places to get the full picture. Now all our information is gathered in one place and the screens help us keep track of daily care delivery priorities for each resident. Our days are much more structured, staff are better deployed throughout the services, and can spend more time supporting residents and less time on completing (or finding!) paperwork."

Charlotte has also noticed how Sekoia has improved the speed and accuracy of handovers at shift changeovers, or in providing temporary staff with all necessary information on each resident:

“Before we got Sekoia, we had to introduce the paper case note file for every single resident to the new member of staff. Now we just introduce them to Sekoia and the screens around the service, and they can easily access all of the background information they need for each resident."

“At shift handovers, staff can quickly use Sekoia to find out how each resident has been that day – their temperament, food and drink intake, medication notes, and information on personal care delivery. This gives everyone freedom to quickly get to work with the information they need to seamlessly take over the care of the residents.”

Easy to use so staff have no fear of technology

Sekoia’s most important feature is how user-friendly it is. Designed from the ground-up to maximise touch-screen technology, Sekoia’s intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy for any carer to complete basic documentation tasks or access resident care records.

Charlotte says: “Many people are afraid of technology, particularly my older, more experienced carers, who have always kept paper records. But Sekoia is just so easy to learn. It happens all by itself because it’s so intuitive. Now the whole care team love using it – I don’t think they could work in a care environment without it!”

As well as being easy to use, Sekoia empowers carers so they can spend more time with residents delivering more personalised care – the real reason they wanted to work in the sector in the first place.  

“Knowing residents are given the right care when I am not at the service gives me peace of mind. I no longer need an individual explanation for each resident that has not had dinner, a bath or exercise. Sekoia does that for me, allowing me to easily find all this information in one place. And, if I go into a new department, I know precisely what I need to do. But that doesn’t mean that we have stopped talking to each other.” she laughs.

"Knowing residents are given the right care when I am not at service gives me peace of mind."

Carer Charlotte Jensen

Key facts

  • Elmelunden consists of five units providing care for 70 residents with dementia and nursing care needs
  • All 70 bedrooms are equipped with Sekoia screens. Each shared-living unit has two shared screens
  • The most popular Sekoia functions are updating a residents' daily care record, accessing the residents' personalised calendar, and ordering care supplies
  • Residents regularly use Sekoia to view the television guide, access the radio, or view photos installed by family members
  • Sekoia was implemented in September 2015 and is fully integrated into every aspect of care delivery at the service
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