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Care Home
Open Day

Care Home Open Day has gained momentum over the last 4 years, encouraging care homes to open their doors up to the local community on that day: 17th of June. This year's theme is "celebration", and we will surely visit and participate in the joy.

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Singing for
the Brain

Alzheimer’s Society is running a very sympathetic nationwide campaign, "Singing for the Brain". A group activity carefully made for people with memory loss to receive the many health benefits that are connected to the fun of singing.

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Great British
Care Awards

This Friday the annual Great British Care Awards takes place in Birmingham. A tremendous reminder to all of us that not only movie stars and musicians are being paid a tribute for their life long contributions.

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Last week at Microsoft's annual Build Keynote, Sekoia got a fine mentioning. Build is their largest developer conference, so much appreciated. Thanks!

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Care Management

The speed and scale of change in the care home industry is creating new strains, challenges and opportunities. What was good practice a year ago can be obsolete today.

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Councils raising taxes
to pay for elderly care

Freedom for local councils to increase local taxes by up to 2% to pay for elderly care will be used by 94% of town halls in England.

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you devil

According to an interest group protecting elderly rights the simple lack of relations to others increases the risk of illness and an early death by 50%.

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Sekoia sponsoring
The Great British Care Awards

We are not entirely about our selves and our world doesn't stop at our doors. Being a business within care means looking after those who work and live in this very real world.

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What kind of
care home are you?

Whether you are a rock, pop or panpipe person, may mean more for your choice of care home than just a few years back. Today we are seeing lots of different interest based residential care homes pop up.

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