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Great British
Care Awards

This Friday the annual Great British Care Awards takes place in Birmingham. A tremendous reminder to all of us that not only movie stars and musicians are being paid a tribute for their life long contributions.

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Last week at Microsoft's annual Build Keynote, Sekoia got a fine mentioning. Build is their largest developer conference, so much appreciated. Thanks!

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Care Management

The speed and scale of change in the care home industry is creating new strains, challenges and opportunities. What was good practice a year ago can be obsolete today.

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Councils raising taxes
to pay for elderly care

Freedom for local councils to increase local taxes by up to 2% to pay for elderly care will be used by 94% of town halls in England.

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you devil

According to an interest group protecting elderly rights the simple lack of relations to others increases the risk of illness and an early death by 50%.

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Sekoia sponsoring
The Great British Care Awards

We are not entirely about our selves and our world doesn't stop at our doors. Being a business within care means looking after those who work and live in this very real world.

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What kind of
care home are you?

Whether you are a rock, pop or panpipe person, may mean more for your choice of care home than just a few years back. Today we are seeing lots of different interest based residential care homes pop up.

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Sekoia UK
is open

Sekoia is step by step settling in West London with a cozy office at 5 Kew Road in Richmond. The two first pioneers working under the “Danglish” flag are out and about meting care managers and care staff to better understand how we serve their care homes.

03.11.2015   |   READ MORE
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