We are Q to 007

All heroes need a bulletproof toolkit

At Sekoia, we see ourselves as Q to the 007s that are the frontline staff. We believe they are heroes in their own right, and as such, they need a bulletproof toolkit. A toolkit we aim to provide for them. If using Sekoia frees up time for care, then we have succeeded.

Ultimately, the main purpose of Sekoia is to enable care. And without understanding the context of the care workers actually using our technology, that cannot be achieved. That's why we bring all new employees to a care home to see how Sekoia is actually used and which problems we help solve.

Developing digital care planning for Sekoia is ultimately about people. And their work needs. So we translate people's needs into digital solutions, which determines our ability to get things right.

Our team

As with everything else we try to do, enabling care is the central mantra for us internally as well.

We have come a long way since we were social care illiterates. In fact, 30 % of the people working at Sekoia has a background in health and social care – from nurses to registered managers. While we may have different backgrounds our internal mantra of enabling care gathers us on a simple mission. Acting as our beacon. The thing we’ve set out to do. Enabling Care.



Where it all began

Sekoia was founded by a group of social care illiterates in 2011. Eager to understand how to make a difference in a stalemate industry. Literally, we were looking at the health and social care landscape and ultimately found that so much funding and innovation was targeted hospitals. And care services, well, they remained the same – with regards to technology at least. 

We shadowed care workers in care- and nursing homes to truly understand the challenges they face on an everyday basis. We were blown away by the dedication and commitment shown by the care workers. The goal was not to find an academic lesson in how to co-design an IT system, but to create a meaningful difference. As amateurs posing the most unusual questions to always understand “why are you doing this?” or “what would make your job easier right now?”. Those in-the-moment chats with dedicated care professionals became how Sekoia was developed in its’ first version.

Care Planners

Why the name Sekoia?

We named ourselves after the gigantic Californian Sequoia tree. The Sequoia tree is one of the largest organisms on the planet and its giant trunk acts as an unwavering support system for all the branches on the tree.

Likewise, our goal is to be the backbone (tree trunk if you will) of your care home and provide the foundation for you to have more time and resources to provide care to the service-users.

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Sekoia is

Proven results

Our customers tell us that Sekoia has a hugely positive impact on their service. Care workers are saving more than 1 hour per shift evidencing care. Including nurses, some places have reduced the amount of time spent on paperwork by more than 2 hours. And this is per shift!

Implemented in scale

Sekoia has been implemented in more than 150 care homes, with more than 2 million care activities completed every month. Digital care planning delivers proven results. Our features and onboarding do make up for a nice combo.

With you all the way

Having kickstarted Sekoia in numerous homes, we have a proven implementation and support plan. We insist on a structured onboarding plan to make sure you are fully prepared going digital. After the first weeks, we are always on hand to provide support or advice.

Return on investment

Sekoia can save you time and money. By reducing paper use, your record keeping system will be more efficient, more effective and more environmentally friendly. Many of our customers experience a ‘break even’ on their investment within the first 6 to 12 months.

Do you want to know more?

E-mail us at contact@sekoia-care.co.uk or call (0)20 7751 4010

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