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Sekoia and Sky enable care
A collaboration between digital care planning supplier Sekoia and business connectivity giant Sky is supporting the ongoing ”paperless” movement within social adult care.
05.02.2018   |   READ MORE
More Observations Less Accident and Incidents
It is as we know, almost inevitable to avoid Incidents entirely in a bustling care home environment. However, steps and practices can be implemented to ensure that the frequency of such events is reduced as much as possible. It is important to note, that there is no quick fix to reducing the number of incidents, since it requires a dedicated effort from everyone within the organisation in order to see results.
23.01.2018   |   READ MORE
3 tips to transform your documentation into a valuable asset
In the last ten years, there has been an increasing amount of focus on person-centred care, care tasks, documentation and rehabilitation. As a consequence, today’s care staff are spending less time socialising with the residents. This can leave care staff with a stressful feeling of not quite cutting it, and not providing the level of care to the residents that they deserve.
21.11.2017   |   READ MORE
Management with new digital prerequisites
As part of a provider management team within adult social care, you are faced with a lot of complex issues and questions. From use of resource and recruitment to optimisation. Basically, how do we create the best care service from the resources at our disposal? It is a difficult question with no fixed answers. In this article, we look at how current workflows within Residential, Nursing and LD can be supported by new digital prerequisites.
23.10.2017   |   READ MORE
Aces in Places 5 characteristics of a Super User
When enabling care services through acquisition of new technology, and making that vital change from paper or admin-centric systems to a digital solution at the point of care, it’s important to remember how change requires management directions and supporting structures. One of those being the Super User or IT Champion. We prefer the first term, as IT has very little to do with succeeding in “going digital”.
23.10.2017   |   READ MORE
A Surefire Way to Boost Your Caring Staff’s Morale
For care staff, so much of the success of delivering service to those who need help is focused on cohesion and careful planning. By utilising technology that can make caregiving run more smoothly, staff can shift their focus to care competencies, like collecting knowledge and sharing it with other staff members for optimal communication. After all, boosting competency in the care environment is beneficial for all people involved.
19.10.2017   |   READ MORE
Going Digital supports Quality Assurance
Digitisation plays an increasingly important role as a supporting tool for care staff in the chase for CQC compliance and proper quality assurance streamlining every aspect of care delivery.
20.09.2017   |   READ MORE
Timing is right to go digital now
Social care is looking like one of the most promising sectors with regards to leveraging the potential of digital solutions. With different luck many companies are weighing up their chances for a push in to the care sector. The timing seems just right.
30.08.2017   |   READ MORE
Why recruitment and retention will define the next 10 years in social care
Neil Eastwood, author of Saving Social Care, reflects on the emergence of recruitment and retention as the dominant themes for care providers for years to come.
21.08.2017   |   READ MORE
Addressing CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE)
In the wake of the release of CQC’s two reports, “The State of Adult Social Care” and “Celebrating Good Care, Championing Outstanding Care”, it is clear that some providers struggle to adhere to the Care standards set out by CQC. For instance, the number of residential nursing homes rated unsafe is a worrying 37%. So what can you do as a care provider?
17.07.2017   |   READ MORE
Revolution or Evolution Technology in the care sector
Health + Care finished last week and we are slowly picking up on some of the notes that we made regarding digitisation of care - with a special focus on how technologies help pave the way for a better and more effective care sector.
05.07.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC - How digitisation is helping towards making your service well-led (5 of 5)
By well-led, we mean that the leadership, management and governance of the organisation assure the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture. In residential care, this means that management and leadership encourage and deliver an open, fair, transparent, supporting and challenging culture at all levels.
30.06.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC - How digitisation benefits the responsiveness (4 of 5)
By responsive, we mean that services are organised so that they meet people’s needs. In residential care, this means that people get the care they need, are listened to and have their rights and diverse circumstances respected.
29.06.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC - How digitisation can help make your service caring (3 of 5)
By caring, we mean that staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. In residential care, this means that people, their families and carers experience care that is empowering and provided by staff who treat people with dignity, respect and compassion.
28.06.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC - How digitisation can make your service effective (2 of 5)
By effective, we mean that people’s care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is based on the best available evidence. In residential care, this means that people are supported to live their lives in the way that they choose and experience the best possible health and quality of life outcomes.
27.06.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC - How digitisation is making your service safe (1 of 5)
By safe, we mean that people are protected from abuse and avoidable harm. In residential care, this means that people are supported to make choices and take risks and are protected from physical, psychological and emotional harm, abuse, discrimination and neglect.
26.06.2017   |   READ MORE
3 digital tips to bring your care competencies in play
In some care homes, the reality is heavily influenced by hectic work schedules and limited time for each individual resident. In some cases, this forces the staff to compromise their care competencies and the communication between colleagues could suffer as a result.
19.06.2017   |   READ MORE
Installation vs Implementation Reap the Benefits of Digital Care Planning
When buying a digital care planning system you will most likely have high expectations that the system is going to help you increase efficiency and provide better care for your residents. After all, that is why you bought the system. However, these results will not magically appear once you make the transaction to the supplier of the care planning system.
17.05.2017   |   READ MORE
Interview: Prof. Neil Maiden on digitisation in care homes
What makes a digital solution in the care sector great? We have interviewed Professor Neil Maiden on digitisation in care homes in the UK. Professor Maiden has almost a decade's experience in the sector and has accumulated in-depth knowledge as to what makes a solution good or bad.
17.05.2017   |   READ MORE
Microsoft and Sekoia team up to enable safer and better care
Microsoft and Sekoia have teamed up in order to create a platform that enhances the quality and efficiency of care delivery. By reducing paperwork and administration in care homes, Sekoia helps customers enable care and create an attractive working environment for the care staff.
08.05.2017   |   READ MORE
Documentation: From a chore to valuable communication
It is no secret that documentation and registrations take up a lot of resources of the care home. Documenting every encounter with the residents usually just adds to an already busy day of work for the carers.
18.04.2017   |   READ MORE
Dignity in Care
Friday we're presenting the "Dignity in care" award at the Great British Care Awards, as part of a sponsorship. We're of course doing this to connect with all the people going to this event. But 1st of all to fly the flag for something utterly important.
30.03.2017   |   READ MORE
Data as part of person-centred care
As the requirements for documenting the level of care in care homes keep increasing, the amount of data available from the care homes also increases. In general, this is positive since it enables management and employees alike, to make decisions based on facts rather than feelings and thoughts.
16.03.2017   |   READ MORE
Digital Care Planning
A cooperation between digital care plan supplier Sekoia and business connectivity giant Sky is supporting the ongoing ”paperless” movement within social adult care.
16.03.2017   |   READ MORE
Goodbye paperwork hello digital
Over the past five years, care homes in Northern European countries have waved goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and forever vanishing post-its, hailing digitization and cloud benefits. With Sekoia at their hands, care homes are now fighting the lack of overview and documentation frenzy.
27.02.2017   |   READ MORE
CQC Backs Digital Technology At Sekoia Roundtable
Sekoia brought together leaders in the UK health and social care sector for a roundtable at the Danish Embassy to discuss delivering ‘Outstanding’ care and the future of digitalisation in the UK care sector.
07.02.2017   |   READ MORE
From Reporting to Avoiding Incidents
Major or minor incidents that occur in a care home is a topic on a lot of registered managers’ minds. How do we best avoid them and get rid of poor sleep for care staff involved when things don’t go as you expect or want them to?
17.01.2017   |   READ MORE
Tips from an outstanding provider
What makes a care provider outstanding? We have asked one to pass on some of the thoughts and tips that make care homes excel. Tej Sehmi from Rochmills Group contributes to outstanding care.
15.12.2016   |   READ MORE
Sekoia alongside CQC: The 5 key questions
CQC is addressing 5 cardinal topics to make sure that the care services in the UK are living up to certain standards. Sekoia in this respect has been created to improve workflow in care homes and support the ambition to be both efficient and caring. We are taking a closer look at CQC's key questions.
14.12.2016   |   READ MORE
Hey Sales Manager! We're hiring
Sekoia is looking for a goal-getting and self-propelled solution selling Sales Manager. This field based role will be the heart of our expansion into Great Britan and the care sector hearts.
28.11.2016   |   READ MORE
“Toy Money” to further fuel Sekoia international growth
Sekoia attracts € 3m Series B investment from SPG and venture capital firm Northcap. The battle is on to conquer lead position within point of care software for the care home sector.
24.11.2016   |   READ MORE
3 concerns about digitisation
The appeal of digitisation is higher than ever before and the care sector is no different. We witness an increasing interest in the care sector for various digital devices and services. With the high demographic pressure and the spending cutbacks, we experience an increased demand for efficiency. Here the digitisation process is considered by many as a part of the answer to the social initiatives of the future.
10.11.2016   |   READ MORE
Source more than products at Care Roadshows
The upcoming Care Roadshow is an exiting event for care home owners, managers and professionals. In Sekoia we are looking forward to catching up on the latest vibes and trends, and presenting our solution to the care sector at a crossroads.
02.11.2016   |   READ MORE
8 steps to bear in mind when going paperless
The pressure on the care sector is pushing some organisations to their very limits. Digitisation is a part of the transformation ahead and using new tools may improve efficiency and boost the care quality. We have gathered 8 steps to bear in mind when switching from paper based care documentation to a digital solution.
18.10.2016   |   READ MORE
Orton Manor Testimonial
On 64-70 Birmingham Road, Water Orton, the good people of Orton Manor Nursing Home are being supported by Sekoia. The endeavor to move into the digital era has been very well received.
13.10.2016   |   READ MORE
Daydream Believer
There is a warm-hearted story from the care sector going viral at the moment. A care worker from Wansbeck Care Home, Choppington, is singing 'Daydream Believer' and dancing with one of the residents during a regular night shift at the home. The home's manager posted the video on their website and it now has more than 220,000 views.
14.09.2016   |   READ MORE
Precious time for care
Digital care planning and management can be delivering benefits to all care home operators. The Care Home Professional spoke to the manager of Orton Manor, to find out how deploying Sekoia is freeing precious time for care work.
16.08.2016   |   READ MORE
Unleash your inner poet
Residents at Aden Court care home in Huddersfield have been sharing their favourite poems during a monthly poetry society meeting. And if the guys in Huddersfield can do it, so can you.
12.07.2016   |   READ MORE
Care Roadshow at Villa Park
Yes! We are present at Villa Park today. Care Roadshow Birmingham provides a great opportunity for us to meet care providers who believe in digitalizing as a way to enhance care quality.
05.07.2016   |   READ MORE
Meet us at Health + Care
Next week is the firing event of Health + Care in Excel London. We have loaded a brand new demo and packed our goods, ready to meet you for a talk about enabling care professionals in their daily tasks.
23.06.2016   |   READ MORE
Care Home Open Day
Care Home Open Day has gained momentum over the last 4 years, encouraging care homes to open their doors up to the local community on that day: 17th of June. This year's theme is "celebration", and we will surely visit and participate in the joy.
14.06.2016   |   READ MORE
Singing for the Brain
Alzheimer’s Society is running a very sympathetic nationwide campaign, "Singing for the Brain". A group activity carefully made for people with memory loss to receive the many health benefits that are connected to the fun of singing.
08.06.2016   |   READ MORE
Great British Care Awards
This Friday the annual Great British Care Awards takes place in Birmingham. A tremendous reminder to all of us that not only movie stars and musicians are being paid a tribute for their life long contributions.
19.05.2016   |   READ MORE
Tablets help decrease incidents
A care home village in Denmark is experiencing a large effect from implementing a digital solution in their care homes providing efficiency and far less incidents.
12.05.2016   |   READ MORE
The importance of being satisfied
The National Care Forum and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group have joined forces on a survey to uncover challenges and opportunities for people working in care.
12.04.2016   |   READ MORE
Funny story
Last week at Microsoft's annual Build Keynote, Sekoia got a fine mentioning. Build is their largest developer conference, so much appreciated. Thanks!
05.04.2016   |   READ MORE
Care Management Matters
The speed and scale of change in the care home industry is creating new strains, challenges and opportunities. What was good practice a year ago can be obsolete today.
11.03.2016   |   READ MORE
Councils raising taxes to pay for elderly care
Freedom for local councils to increase local taxes by up to 2% to pay for elderly care will be used by 94% of town halls in England.
01.03.2016   |   READ MORE
Loneliness you devil
According to an interest group protecting elderly rights the simple lack of relations to others increases the risk of illness and an early death by 50%.
24.02.2016   |   READ MORE
Sekoia sponsoring The Great British Care Awards
We are not entirely about our selves and our world doesn't stop at our doors. Being a business within care means looking after those who work and live in this very real world.
29.01.2016   |   READ MORE
What kind of care home are you?
Whether you are a rock, pop or panpipe person, may mean more for your choice of care home than just a few years back. Today we are seeing lots of different interest based residential care homes pop up.
17.01.2016   |   READ MORE
Sekoia UK is open
Sekoia is step by step settling in West London with a cozy office at 5 Kew Road in Richmond. The two first pioneers working under the “Danglish” flag are out and about meting care managers and care staff to better understand how we serve their care homes.
03.11.2015   |   READ MORE
Unlocking your digital potential (Infographic)
The key to unlocking your organisation's digital potential can sometimes seem locked away. Realising the potential is not just the organisation's responsibility but also the supplier's. Here's how an engaged supplier can act as the missing part in order to unlock your digital potential.
01.01.0001   |  
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