Are you a care worker?

Care homes are increasingly busy. With more and more paperwork and documentation required by the regulator, keeping up whilst spending enough time with the residents can be difficult. This can leave staff feeling demotivated and overburdened with form filling and record keeping.

Sekoia can change this, streamlining administration responsibilities and providing you with easier access to the information you need, when you need it – regardless of where you are in the home.

By providing digital records at the touch of a button, necessary paperwork can be completed in seconds. Important information is always available, and you will always know which residents need support with a certain activity. This allows you to spend more time caring for residents, and less time writing down what happened.

Sekoia makes it feel good to go to work, easing the pressure and empowering you to provide the high-quality care every resident deserves.

Too much pressure; not enough care

Care professionals are under increasing pressure. Training requirements, completing paperwork, and administrative tasks take up more of your day, leaving you with less time to spend with residents. These elements are crucial to the care profession, and so it is crucial that the digital solutions you use recognise their importance.

Sekoia believes in supporting care workers to be the very best they can be. We believe in empowering care workers to help them make the best decisions and provide the best care. This is why we have designed Sekoia specifically for care workers, making your experience a cornerstone in our technology platform. We are dedicated to empowering care workers to deliver the very best care, using your knowledge and expertise to the benefit of all.

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