Sekoia cases

From 30,000 pieces of paper
to digital care planning

Before implementing Sekoia, the nursing home Quinton House near Stratford upon Avon used 30,000 sheets of paper each month. That all changed when they decided to implement Sekoia in the fall of 2017. With Sekoia, Quinton House is able to significantly reduce the amount of paper and save a lot of time in the process, whilst enhancing the care quality.

From "Requires
improvement" to "Good"

Orion Manor Nursing Home, just outside Birmingham in Water Orton, has taken a step forward onto the digital path saying goodbye to their paper records. The carers at Orton Manor faced the classic challenges of completing heaps of paperwork, instead of delivering care and spending time with the residents. No more. And the nursing home has now gone from "Requires improvement" to "Good" in their latest inspection report.

Higher-quality care
on a reduced budget

All of the publicly run care services in Odense (Denmark) are using Sekoia as their primary care planning tool. At an annual review of the care homes, management came to the conclusion that their staff was experiencing a work day of constant interruptions. With far too little time for resident care.

Saying goodbye
to paper records

In 2015, the Elmelunden care home said goodbye to long paper lists and shared calendars and said hello to a new technology. Using Sekoia as its digital record keeper, the care home took up the fight against errors and inaccuracies.

Care home reduces
administration time

Whilst it is an important legal requirement, how do you stop paper work from being a chore and still include personalised commentary of care outcomes for each resident? Using a streamlined digital workflow makes it quick and easy to record the required information, in a natural and streamlined way.

Planning for a
better overview

There are 2 things project manager Ninette Hansson focuses on, when explaining why they have digitised care planning. The first being recruitment of new staff to a more attractive workplace, the other being staff experiencing far too many office and admin hours.

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