The technical guidelines will make sure you have the best possible experience when using Sekoia. And outline the minimum requirements for electronic care planning. Hosting is all cloud, so you no longer need a server on-premise.

Device Requirements

Sekoia has been designed for use on different devices, from mobile phones to tablets of all kinds and sizes. In terms of brands, you simply chose the one you prefer or already have in use. 

We have lots of recommendations. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Wi-Fi or 3/4 G 

Sekoia recommends using a stable network that allows the care workers to be mobile and in touch with the residents - wherever they are. Wi-Fi is often the same quality as a cabled network, with the additional benefits of easy configuration, support and flexibility.

We recommend using a 5GHz wireless network, both for reliability and performance. But the most important thing is to always have good coverage where the devices are used.


Whilst it is vital each device has a good connection, to make sure you have the best user experience you will need a high-speed and stable broadband connection. Sekoia can help you find a suitable internet partner.

Security and data

All information stored in Sekoia adheres to all relevant EU directives and rules around the handling of sensitive personal data (incl. GDPR). A contract with Sekoia involves a data processing agreement, which details our compliance with this legislation. 

All data is transmitted via encrypted connections and is always owned by the customer. This demonstrates how Sekoia takes the utmost care of your confidential information.

You may find and read our Privacy and Cookie Policy here.


Sekoia administrators work on their household computers accessing Sekoia in a web browser. You simply log in and get to work.

For the best possible user experience, we recommend using the latest versions of the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Most of these browsers automatically update themselves, so you always have the latest version running.

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