Are you a senior manager?

Sekoia is a digital platform that reduces the administrative burden on staff, increasing the time they have for care delivery, and helps reduce mistakes. These time savings - and the benefits for residents and your care team - can turn into financial savings as well.

With a complex regulatory system, in many care homes more and more time is spent on paperwork, logging incidents and completing care records. Less time is being spent on care delivery, so innovative thinking and new digital assistants are needed. With Sekoia, essential administration work can be completed quickly and accurately, giving carers more time to spend on providing high-quality care.

Sekoia can save you money, with many of our customers experiencing a return on investment within nine to 12 months. As care staff have more time to spend with residents – making them happier and reducing staff turnover – and fewer mistakes are made, saving management time from being spent on investigations, you will be able to deliver more care with the same team.  

Having been successfully installed in more than 50 care homes, and supporting over 5,000 care workers to complete more than one million care actions per month, Sekoia has a proven track record of making an impact, from day one.

Sekoia's proven business case

At Sekoia we firmly believe that you need a valid business case if you are to invest in our innovative platform.  There are many natural savings and efficiencies that can be made when using Sekoia – for example, by reducing paperwork you’ll have a happier staff team, leading to lower staff turnover and reduced recruitment costs –  which means our digital platform can not only improve care delivery but deliver value across your business.

Working with you, we complete a detailed review of your organisation and care services, and assess how Sekoia can help optimise care delivery when you switch to our digital platform. We will also evaluate how the time savings experienced by your staff team can equate into enhanced profitability for the organisation. Within the first year clients pay off their initial investment, and after that you will see long-term savings Sekoia can bring to your home.

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