Getting Sekoia up and running in your care home takes as little as eight weeks. The Sekoia team provides every carer with a full introduction and thorough training which makes sure Sekoia becomes a natural part of their working day.

In just eight weeks, you will be running everything yourselves. But that does not mean you’re on your own. All our customers have access to our technical support team, and we keep in touch with you to make sure you are getting the best possible experience with Sekoia. When we update the platform, or add new applications, we can come back and deliver training for both managers and staff. You can rely on us to be with you every step of the way.


Read more about the 8 steps in implementation here.

Getting started

We recommend that you start with the simplest solution for your care home. This provides a soft start and makes sure everyone feels confident with the new technology. Sekoia is fully flexible, meaning you can add new applications at any time. As you become familiar with using Sekoia, and your chosen applications, we can help you expand your experience with new apps, at no extra cost. All applications are made by Sekoia and are regularly updated to meet your needs.

When you choose Sekoia, we start by mapping your specific challenges and requirements. This helps us tailor the Sekoia platform to provide the perfect solution that fits your needs. Once complete, we begin training your team. We start with the managers who are responsible for the ongoing implementation, before moving on to provide full training to all your employees, residents and relatives.


During the training and implementation stage, the Sekoia team will be on-site daily at your care home to train and support your staff, making the transition to Sekoia smooth and seamless. There will be constant access to the Sekoia implementation team at the home, as well as technical support, and support from the project management teams at Sekoia HQ. The technical team will be able to make bespoke changes to the platform, or new applications based on your individual needs – Sekoia really is tailored to you. You’ll only go live when every member of your team feels ready, and we’ll be with you at every stage of this journey.

During the implementation process we train up two kinds of users for your home. There are normal users, such as carers, who can be trained to use the platform in only two hours. We will also train senior managers to be ‘Super Users’ – the on-site experts who can help other staff members if they encounter a problem, or train new and temporary staff.  At all times, you’ll have access to Sekoia’s technical team and refresher visits from the implementation team if required.

Daily operations

When you are up and running, we stay in touch regularly to make sure you are getting the full potential from the Sekoia platform and your investment.  If you are ever in need of support or advice, we are standing by to provide you with help and answers.

As well as training care home staff, we can also support the Senior Management Team to use the data collected by Sekoia. By assessing this data, and drawing on the expertise of the Sekoia team, we can help you improve efficacy, identify savings, and ensure high-quality care is being delivered across all your homes. Using these powerful features, you’ll easily be able to see the difference Sekoia is making and your return on investment. You can rely on us to be with you all the way. 

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