Regulators, such as the CQC, lay great emphasis on having documented proof of care. Yet, it is not always easy to document every care task that is being done. With Sekoia you are able to record it at the point of care, meaning that you will not have to worry about remembering small details when you are back at the office.

Sekoia allows you to find all needed information in a matter of seconds. You no longer have to waste time looking through stacks of paper and binders. When regulators come knocking you will have complete audit trails providing evidence of all care tasks performed in your care home - All just a few clicks away on the screen


With Sekoia staff members can immediately record anything to do with behaviour, medicine, food or fluid intake, falls, skin texture to state a few examples – within a matter of seconds. This creates a clear and transparent system where patterns may be picked up very early on and preventive measures may be put in place to provide better care tomorrow.

Medicine is a pertinent aspect of a service user’s well-being and safety. Sekoia allows you to create Medicine tasks where you are able to add a description which you can tailor to include any and all information you require in the administration of medicine.

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Sekoia instills best practice by ensuring that all information required to deliver care is made available at the point of care itself. In addition, we also ensure that all Tasks are designated to staff based on their qualifications and thereby their role within the organisation. This ensures an effective work routine allowing for timely completion of all care duties by competent staff.

Having the ability to document care efforts at the point of care, staff members will spend less time in the office and more time engaging with the residents and helping out co-workers thereby creating a more efficient workflow.

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Sekoia is unique in that it is the only solution where there is a screen for each resident which solely pertains to them. This is based on the core principle of bringing the focus of care back to the resident. The system is designed to be intuitive and quick, so that care can be recorded in an accurate and fast way, thereby allowing carers to spend more time with the people using the service.

Also, applications such as pictures allow for staff to interact with the resident and have conversations about their life, family, interests. It also bridges the distance between their families and themselves and enhances communication on both sides. 

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Sekoia ensures person-centred care and that all care tasks are tailored around the resident and not in keeping with the staff’s routine. By keeping service users at the centre of focus of the system and ensuring that all information pertaining to that resident is available to the carer at the point of care itself, we make sure the service users feel valued.

Sekoia is a cloud based software. This means that any data recorded pertaining to a service user may never be lost or misplaced. Whenever there is a need to retrieve this data and make it available in a systematic format, it will be possible to do so.

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Sekoia provides various stakeholders, in particular, the Owners and Senior Management of the home - access to Reports and Management Information that clearly outline the level of care being provided within their organisation. They are able to easily access from any location in the world, vital information that demarcates where a service is exceptional and more importantly where its key areas for improvement are.

The ability to better observe work practices over time and categorise this information in flexible formats proves extremely beneficial at Staff Meetings, One-to-One Supervisions and Staff Training days. The management is therefore, better equipped to ascertain that a competent staff is delivering the desired care to the resident at the time needed. All these factors ensure that a service is led well from the top, no doubt leading to outstanding outcomes.

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