Sekoia is a platform made up of different applications (apps) which provides all the digital support you need in your daily care delivery

Sekoia has been designed to make sure that everyone can use it – even residents themselves – without a manual and with no technical know-how. We help you to get up and running, providing all training on site, and are always on hand to provide technical support and advice. Everyone who uses Sekoia can quickly maximise its benefits.

Daily tasks

Sekoia allows you to coordinate the delivery of every resident’s care plan. View all the day’s activities and tick them off as they are completed. The list of care activities helps you prioritise and make sure that nothing is forgotten – for example, the system can send a warning to all staff if medication is late.  It is a live overview of the care activities that need to be undertaken for each resident, and what needs to be done.

The activity descriptions are individual and can be tailored to your needs, which makes sure you provide the exact care each resident needs.  Furthermore, as every staff member has a personal login, you can assign activities to specific staff members or role profile, making sure the most appropriate member of the care team delivers that care (i.e. medication administration).

Appointments and activities

Sekoia’s calendar application gives you a precise overview of the appointments and activities for each resident. This allows you to plan their week and make sure you have enough staff available, so each resident attends all of their appointments.

The calendar application can also be accessed by residents themselves, allowing them to register to attend certain events that might be taking place at the home – such as a weekly entertainer visit. It is quick, easy to use for everyone and helps make sure residents enjoy a better quality of life.

Recording incidents

Care staff spend up to 20% of their time completing documentation. That time would be better spent supporting residents and delivering the very best care. Sekoia gives you the ability to record incidents such as falls and seizures without having to leave the resident.

By quickly and easily collecting this data, a Home Manager can easily review a resident’s history and develop a tailored strategy to prevent similar incidents occurring again. The records can also be easily accessed by all staff members, and seamlessly shared with external audiences, such as the Care Quality Commission or a social worker.

Stay in touch

As well as providing applications for carers, Sekoia can also be used by residents and family members via their own login. Sekoia makes it easier for residents to connect with their families, access photos and memories, and coordinate visits. Sekoia can also help residents have more independence.

For example, they can access the daily menu and place their meal orders, or view the television guide. Through a range of tailored applications, Sekoia can make sure residents get the most out of their time at the care home.

Share your photos

For every resident, staying in touch with their family life is important for their wellbeing. Sekoia makes this easy, enabling residents to share the latest news with their families, and receive updates from their loved ones. Like any social network, residents and family members can share photos with each, and a slide-show can be created for residents to aid reminiscence.

Additional features

Ordering Supplies

Sekoia gives you the option of ordering care products directly from the resident’s room. This means each order is customised, which prevents any incorrect or duplicate orders and saves carers from having to manually place an order through the administration team.

Collaborate with colleagues

Effectively supporting residents means completing many daily activities. However, sometimes a resident may require more support than normal, which can delay carers from supporting others. Sekoia makes it easy to share responsibility for residents, highlighting who may require a helping hand.

Recording measurements

With Sekoia, you can easily record all the healthcare information you need for each resident, as well as adding a personalised comment about each measurement. For example blood pressure, weight, food, or fluid intake. This data can be easily shared with external healthcare professionals, and the management team can easily review the progress of all residents.


You can create and view professional pictures or videos in Sekoia. We call these instructions – useful reminders for care staff on how to complete different tasks. These helpful reminders can support new staff to get acquainted with the basics, or temporary staff understand how your home does specific jobs. Each carer can also add helpful comments to each instruction.

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