Why choose Sekoia

Consisting of a number of fully-customisable features Sekoia assists in all aspects of care delivery. Sekoia allows you to easily access all the information you need, right where you need it. The result is enhanced care delivery with fewer mistakes, easier logging of observations, and greater job satisfaction for your care team.  

More time for care

Sekoia is an Electronic Care Planning solution developed for the care sector and designed to free up time for what is important – delivering the best possible care. Delivered via mobile and tablet devices, and comprising a series of customisable features, Sekoia is fully tailored to your specific needs.

With Sekoia, your care team can easily access all the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are. By using Sekoia, carers spend less time completing necessary paperwork, and more time supporting service users. Managers are empowered by easy to review data on every resident, allowing them to quickly tailor care plans and prevent incidents.

Tailored to your needs

Sekoia provides you with an overview of the daily care activities for each resident, allowing your care team to effectively plan their day, easily record and share information with each other, swiftly reporting incidents.

Sekoia has more than 30 different apps, meaning we can create a tailored platform that meets your specific requirements. Each application can be further customised around how you run your home.

Fewer mistakes

Sekoia can help significantly reduce the number of errors made in care delivery. Our customers agree that this is one of the biggest benefits of the platform. Sekoia’s non-intrusive job tracker and reminder system means that staff know when an activity is late or has been forgotten - administering a resident’s medication, for example.

By having all resident records stored in the app and accessible from any device in your home, staff can quickly check how each resident likes to be treated and any outstanding care activities or appointments they may have. Handover at the end of a shift, or the induction of a new temp worker into the home, are both significantly quicker and more detailed. 

User-friendliness above all

Sekoia has been developed and designed for everyone to be able to use it – without a manual, and with no technical background. The app is intuitive and quick to learn. We help you to get up and running and are always on hand to provide customer service and support.

You will soon be running everything yourselves, smoothly and efficiently.

Sekoia is

Proven results

Our customers tell us Sekoia has a hugely positive impact on their care home, with staff saving huge amounts of time spent on administrative tasks. For example, one care home has reduced the amount of time it spends on paperwork by 33%, and invested this time back into care delivery.

Implemented in scale

Sekoia has been fully installed in more than 100 care homes, with over 1,5 million care activities completed each month. The platform is fully tested and has delivered proven results. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs, and have the knowledge to help you tackle any challenge

With you all the way

Having installed Sekoia in numerous homes, we have a proven installation and support plan. We insist on an eight-week implementation period to make sure you are fully prepared to use the platform alone. After installation, we are always on hand to provide technical support or advice.

Return on investment

Sekoia can save you time and money. By reducing paper use, your recording keep system will be more efficient, more effective and more environmentally friendly. Many of our customers experience a ‘break even’ on their investment within the first nine to 12 months.

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