Goodbye paperwork - hello digital

By saying hello to digital care planning, handovers are less time-consuming, and things have much better structure at Halden Heights Care Community in Kent. This gives the staff a lot of freedom to spend with the residents. 

At the end of 2018 Halden Heights Care Community in Kent waved goodbye to their time demanding paper documentation, only to say hello to digital care planning. With Sekoia at hand, the care workers are now evidencing care delivery in a smooth and less demanding way. 

Welcome to High Halden in Kent

A formidable care environment and home to more than 80 residents presently. Dementia and complex needs of residents is the norm here. For those reasons, staff face some rather archetypal nursing challenges: too few hours in the day and too much time spent in the offices doing paperwork.

Proprietor & Manager, Anna Cunningham explains:
“We worked very hard and spent a lot of time on elaborate handovers. The outcomes still weren’t exactly where we wanted them to be. Eventually we researched our way through the digital jungle and found Sekoia. When we heard about the experiences from others, we decided to try it for ourselves.”

Better structure from Plan to Activities

Sekoia now supports care and nursing staff completing their documentation and thereby also providing a complete and always accessible audit trail. The difference was noticeable. 

Anna explains: 
"Previously, each member of staff was using a lot of time on their care notes. Other things were entered on a computer, so we had to look in several different places. Now all our recordings are gathered in one place. The tables form an integral part of our day, so that we are always reminded about what we need to do. Things have a much better structure now. From plan to activities." 

The tablets take care of the Handover

"The handovers are less time-consuming today. Especially where new employees and temporary staff are concerned. Before we got Sekoia, we were going through all residents from one end to the other. Now new staff just need an introduction to the tablets and they have all the information they need. This gives everyone else a lot of freedom," Anne clarifies. 

Digital care planning is slowly maturing into care homes countrywide. Providing more time on hand for the actual service delivery seems to be a much needed relief for both nursing and care staff. 

Key facts

  • More than 80 residents live at Halden Heights Care Community in Kent

  • Halden Heigh provides nursing care for older people with dementia, physically frailties and mobility issues

  • Sekoia was implemented in the end of 2018
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