Why should you get an Outstanding rating for your care home?

Out of 16.000 care homes, only around 300 care homes are rated as Outstanding, making it a small proposition of only 2% of the total number of care homes. Around 11.000 (68%) care homes are rated as Good meaning the majority of the care homes fall into this category. Forget about requires improvement and inadequate care homes – they shouldn’t be operating care homes if they do not improve their standards.

As a part of the industry, we all share the ‘shame’ of not having more Outstanding care homes to look after our lovely elderly people or people with any disability.

The question is when you get older or become unwell, would you like to be living in an Outstanding Care home or a ‘Good’ rated care home?

If your choice is the first one – our elderly people deserve the same opportunity. 

From "Requires improvement" to "Good"
Read how Orton Mannor Nursing home went from Requires Improvement to Good with digital care planning.

Why am I passionate about this?

I was a Care Home Manager like you. I worked with some amazing people to deliver Outstanding Care for our residents. Our care home was rated Outstanding on two inspections. The last inspection we were rated Outstanding in all the five domains making it one of the few in the country. I am not claiming any credit on this, it is my team who achieved it.

Now I am a consultant to care homes to help them deliver Outstanding Care for their residents and get rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. The reason for me stepping into this role is to teach the industry and public what Outstanding really means.

I personally was very ashamed to hear from a provider that “there is no need to have an Outstanding rating, it is a lot of paperwork, we still have a thriving business with a Good rating”.

I am not assuming every care home provider is the same, but the appetite to become Outstanding is missing in the industry from my experience. Getting rated as Outstanding is not about paperwork at all, it is all about “how you went an extra mile for the people you look after”.

Benefits of getting rated as Outstanding

It is entirely your call whether your care home wants to be in that small proportion of 2% or be a part of the huge 68%. But there are some enormous benefits to be an Outstanding rated care home.

  • The first benefit is for your lovely residents as they deserve and will get an Outstanding Care. That should be the reason why we all are working in the care industry.
  • Delivering Outstanding Care is a part of the work culture within the care home. Staff will learn to enjoy looking after other people including their colleagues. The work atmosphere is a celebration every day. Believe me, I have experienced it, you can talk to any of my previous colleagues to verify it.
  • Delivering Outstanding Care is a collective approach – you will get relatives, healthcare professionals and people from the community to help you deliver an Outstanding Care.
  •  The amazing thing is, as Outstanding care homes are not so many, having an Outstanding rating will make you stand out in your area.
  •  Your care home reputation will be sky high when you get rated as Outstanding. I would suggest celebrating it, let the local news people know that you have achieved this. Let us share some good news about care homes.
  • When the reputation goes up, demand is scaled up. People will be paying more to get into your care home. Remember every one of us wants to be in the best place before we die. (Who worries about money when they are in their 90’s?).

You can too

If you are a care home provider, or a Manager or one of the staff working in a care home, start thinking about this concept. Decide whether your care home needs to be on the top list or not.

If my team can do it, your team can too.

As an industry, we all have the responsibility to deliver an Outstanding care for everyone we look after. You should be courageous enough to say that I am going to roll up my sleeves to deliver Outstanding care for my residents.

Take that first step towards Outstanding

Author's profile:

Issac Theophilos, outstandingcarehomes.co.uk

Former Care Home Manager of a care home twice recognised as Outstanding

Contact: issac@outstandingcarehomes.co.uk

Twitter: @issactheophilos

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