Market Development Manager ­          Central London office - Sekoia Ltd.  

We are looking for a candidate who knows social care. You're not necessarily a tech monger, but more socially oriented with your base and network in the sector. You are fired up by our mission to "enable care" and match the depiction of a superhero sidekick. As we do see ourselves like Q to 007. Thinking that care workers and care providers need a bulletproof toolkit.

If you join, you will be working with a dedicated team of professionals, from the tech stack to the sector background consultants. You will help propel the client base to the next level, making ambassadors out of the current clients helping them to achieve improved care outcomes and organisational efficiency.

This role will be working closely with our marketing, sales and management team, referring directly to our CEO, Mads Fischer Rasmussen.

The gist of a manifold role

- New business and commercial facilitator for both partners and network

- Sales and budget responsibility

- Co-produce marketing strategies with the rest of the commercial team

- Ongoing sparring with top management about market development

- Account management and development

Some signs of an ideal candidate

- You pay it forward and like working with your network

You appreciate the long lasting relationships vs. the hard sell 

You have a passion for improving social care 

You are a commercial person who understands care businesses

You have lots of experience with the care sector

Start dateWhen we have the right candidate 

Interested?Questions and applications for the position at 

29.01.2019   |   Miscellaneous,
How digitalisation supports
decision-making in a care home

Every day managers are facing many decisions. Some easier than others. Digitalisation has the potential to greatly help the process by providing pieces of information that might not be available in a more paper-based care home.

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Excessive paperwork is a
double burden for care homes

Understanding how the current paper-based routines look at any given care home, makes us wonder what this is all about. How so much time has come to be allocated to documentation has its reasons and own course. Meanwhile, a lot of time is consumed producing more negativity and constraints than promoting actually improved care outcomes.

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Scandinavian NFPs use
digital for quality improvements

In both Sweden and Denmark charities such as the Mary Homes and Stora Sköndal have made the switch from paper documentation to digital care planning. Using their data for both quality and efficiency enhancements makes their services more personalised, building on their respective beliefs and organisational visions.

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